Why Astro or Jyotish?

At the time of our birth there was a certain combination in our solar system which impacts our daily lives in a certain way we study those placements by the means of Horoscope

The technique we use to decode the horoscope is known as KB Technique. By using this technique, we are able to Guide you better as the word says

“Jyotish” = “Jyoti” + ”Ish” = A Guiding Light which shows us a path

We do it by giving you some suggestions based upon your problems, by changing some day to day behaviors

How do we see in KB Technique?

Benefits:- | How do we give remedies

1. Modifying certain approach towards life.
eg:- Way of meeting people
       Way of asking for payments

2. Breaking of negative hits just by wearing threads are applying Chandan, Tilak, Itra etc

3. Activating a box just by visiting a certain place
eg:- Hanuman temple, Mall, Club

4. Giving your service once - at a temple / Gurudwara / Orphans / Old age home.