Why Vastu ?

To Understand any Significance, we have to Understand the Goal/Purpose of a Place

For Example

Home → To Relax, Heal, Recharge, energize yourself for the next day, Cherish you time with family and Relatives.

Office → To take better decisions for growth, to have successful meetings with clients, to have a better work environment or work culture.

Factory → To have Efficient Labor/ Workers, Great Productivity, to be the best in whatever we produce or develop.

Vastu is the way to achieve all the Goal or Resolve the above problems
We do it by


16 Directions


32 Entrance


Space Programming Through Objects (3D)


45 Energy Fields

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  • Home
  • Bungalow | Villa
  • Farm House & Agriculture Land
  • Residential Project

Vastu Shastra is a sacred architecture that, when properly practiced, will revitalize your home, attract good energy, and harmonize you with your surrounding environment.
Follow expert recommendations if you want to bring more health, harmony, and happiness into your apartment and optimize every square foot with positive energy.
The home is viewed as a single structure where all sections of the housework are together. A Vastu cosmic mandala 9 x 9 grid indicates functions of each direction of any premises. Much like our physical bodies which have different parts, the sections in our home are like organs in our body, interlinked and interdependent but working together.


Villa – a Symbol of luxury and unique lifestyle
Different people have different goals and needs, but the most important thing for a home is that it should be comfortable for the resident. Some people like the benefits of living in an apartment, while others prefer the niche experience a villa provides.
Why Vastu?
Vastu is a sacred architecture. It represents a complete system of design covering all key aspects of the construction process. This Vedic architecture is based on the natural laws of the universe. The secret of the universe is found in energy, frequency, and vibrations. These are again channelized through five elements of Vastu Shastra. These five elements create auspicious or inauspicious forces in the house based on their locations.


A farmhouse is a place where one goes to rest and unwind. Some farmhouse is used for commercial cultivation of crops. There are principles of Vastu shastra applicable to a farmhouse & agriculture land which makes a space more positive, comforting, and enjoyable. Farm structures provide shelter and a conducive environment for the preservation of quality and quantity of plants and crops, increase the productivity of animals and farmers. It ensures the safety and good working condition for the people staying or working on the farm.


Living in harmony with nature has always been a practical necessity for people all over the world. Harmony (Vastu) and beauty (Architecture) – literally play a major theme when making a buying decision for a new home or business place.
Vastu is an ancient Vedic system of construction. The buyer prefers to check Vastu for a residential project before investing in the property. Real estate investment is a big decision from a buyer’s point of view. The building, a manmade structure should be in harmony with the natural law of the universe.


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