Astro Vastu

Why Astro Vastu ?

We have Understood the Significance of Vastu and Astrology, In Mahavastu we have derived a way of decoding the above to get better results as MD, AD and PD keeps on Changing so as their hits and so as the problems or goals so by placing or removing certain objects in certain direction we can take benefit of positive hit or break negative hit.
When we were born it was the best event for our life as we came into existence, so by studying the horoscope we can guide you about

Benefits of Astro Vastu

1. Breaking of negative hits of horoscope through object placement in your house

2. Helps determine the best place to sit in office for enhanced productivity better decision gathering good ideas

3. Best place to keep all your important staff so that it's helps you

4 Best place to do meeting so as to home a win win situation